Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Gear

I have never liked working out...its just not my thing. I am like Fat Amy, I do horizontal running, don't put me down for cardio. 


However, the only time I have ever liked working out, or considering adding to to my schedule willingly, is when I know I don't have to worry about what I look like! Whether in a gym or walking my dog, I am SO self conscious. My inner monologue is something like this, "God it is so hot. I hate sweat. Is this top supposed to get rid of sweat or hold it in? Crap, I don't know, it's hot. My boobs already hurt, I need a better bra. Can people see that? I should slow down so I don't draw attention to them...but then my butt.....omg, these pants are so tight! And they are riding I have a camel toe sitch here? Ugh I can't look cause then it will look like I'm staring at my crotch...ok just pull them down and pull your shirt down over the back. GOD IT'S HOT!!" 
Yeah...something like that. 
So the whole idea of exercise is already realllllly unappealing to me.  The ONLY  time I have ever felt like it is when I am confident in what I am wearing, and how I look. I can concentrate on what I'm doing and not worry about things moving places they shouldn't be. So I thought today I would review some of my favorite brands, and great work out apparel! 

I will start by saying that my number one go to gear is always Under Armour. I love their style, and functionality, and their products are well made and last. I will also say that I do not promote Nike apparel at all. This has nothing to do with the quality of their products, because I wore plenty of Nike in the past, but due to certain athletes being paid and endorsed by them, and me being an ASPCA member and animal lover, I refuse to wear that brand for obvious reasons there. So. Off my soap box, and moving on. 

Underneath your clothes: 

Get Set Go Bra: Under Armour 

This bra is Ah-maze-balls. It has a custom fit, and this is SO important for girls over a B cup because it is cup and band size specific. So you are guaranteed that it will fit like a dream and offer the support you need. Best for mid-high impact, and comes in several colors. It is very breathable and is also lightly padded. Find it (HERE) 

The Booby Bracer: LuluLemon 

This is THE bra for the runner, or serious zumba-er with a larger chest! Although not the most aesthetically pleasing undergarment, this bra is all business. The name is funny, but this bra is allll about results. The girls aren't going anywhere with this support system on. It is a tight fit at first but, like your favorite pair of jeans, it is going to mold to your body and end up being super comfy. It does not have cups but has several layers of breathable fabric so you don't have to worry about any of that cup mess. Find it (HERE) 

The Serena Bra: L.L. Bean 

This is the best basic bra for all shapes and sizes. It is seamless, and it's dual knit fabric keeps it comfortable but supportive as well. This bra really moves with you no matter what the activity. This is reasonably priced as well! Find it (HERE). 


As a general insecurity of mine, I don't like to wear sleeveless tops when I matter the temperature, I am all about the layers. BUT I have worn them in the past, and under things, and know athletes who do. 

Tone it top: Lululemon

This top is the holy grail of work out tops. It offers support in all the right places, keeps you cool and wicks sweat away, has a functional back pocket in the back of the top for you to put a phone or key, and it is super cute to boot!! It comes in a great variety of sizes and colors, and the quality of this is outstanding. I am not a sleeveless fan, but when I am, I will have one of every color. :) Find it (HERE).

Flip you dog top: Lululemon

How gorgeous is this yoga top? With the seams in all the right places (like a piko anyone?) this top is not only outrageously flattering but also comfortable. Perfect for your yoga class or layer over before or after your workout. This is a top that can be work out to the store after the gym and you feel more put together. Find it (HERE).

Better than Naked Singlet: The North Face

Some of you are reading  this going "Ummmm duh Millie, this has been around for like..evah" I know this. However, this top is so great I feel like I need to reiterate this point. Womens Health magazine ranked this one of the best of 2013, and rightly so. This  top does exactly what is makes it feel better than being naked. It fits, but isn't uncomfortably constricting. It lets your breathe....I mean, it literally feels like nothing is on. And it comes in several cute colors as well. Find it (HERE).

From the waist Down:

The All-In-One Heat Gear Capri: Under Armour

These capris are such a great deal. They are designed for warmer weather and wick the sweat away from your body. The thicker and higher waistband on these keeps your lower tummy in check and the length of these is flattering, and lengthening on all body types.  Find them (HERE).

The Great Escape II Short: Under Armour

These shorts are really revolutionary...these will replace the ever popular NORTS in the future, I believe. These shorts have the most flattering cut, and are made of such a breathable. Want to know why? These are designed by runners! Who else would know what is comfortable and most functional? And at $29.00 these are worth every.single.penny. The come in all sizes and in a great variety of colors and patterns. Find them (HERE).

The EM Road H3: Pearl Izumi 

These shoes offer stability, comfort, and flexibility. They are breathable and made for long distance running. These shoes are a little on the pricey side but they will last you forever. And ever and ever, and never lose their shape or support. Find them (HERE).

So those are some of my favorites, and best finds out there for you. Athletic apparel is an investment, and when washed and cared for properly they will last you a very long time. And what is better to invest in than you body and your health!? What is some of your favorite gear? Tell me all about it!

All my love, 



  1. Thanks for sharing! Always looks for a good sports bra! How do you feel about the sport skorts? I used to wear them for tennis all the time -- the nike power skirts, and still wear them in the summer to workout/walk/play softball/run errands.

  2. Thank you Caitlin! I do too! Needing a more mature feel!