Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cheers to the new year!

We are once again approaching the end of the year. The magical time when all things seem possible. We make our "resolutions", and goals, we pump ourselves up about what the new year will bring, and most of the time, it is the same old same old where we find oursevles in November saying "I can't believe it is almost Christmas again, where did the year go?" Sound familiar?

Well, as beaten as this old horse is, I will always jump on the bandwagon... It's easier than walking right? :)

So here are my hopes and aspirations for 2015, with some news for all my readers.

2015: This is going to be MY year

Financially: My goal is to be free of my frivolous debt by years end. I.e. credit card debt, store debt, canceled memberships that I pay for and no longer use. The only debt for me will be home and car.

Personally: I have books I want to finish, garage sale items to organize and actually get rid of, a room in my house I want to re do. I want to take a vacation with my family, and a romantic getaway with my husband. I have friends I have vowed to reconnect with, and some I have vowed to say goodbye to. (See related post HERE).

Health: This is an obvious and continuous one, but to continue slowly on my path towards a healthier lifestlye, and make a lifestyle change. I always want to compete in some sort of athletic event before thre year 2015 is up, whether a 5k, a bike raace, swimming, or a company softball game. (Big news coming)!!

Career: I love my job, but for 2015 I am wanting to really hone in on a speciality. I am also wanting to expand the blog and my readerbase. (Big news coming later)!!

I feel like I have always set really high, unobtainable goals, and, as so many people do, felt completley discouraged when I fell a little behind. Some people think that it is ridiculous or chilche to set resolutions...but I am here for a REVOLUTION, and EVOLUTION more than RESOLUTIONS. I think it is great to have these because it is the beginning of a new year, and a real chance for some people to have a clean slate. Some people, myself included, really need a good timepost with which to start and set goals, and there isn't a better one I know of than January 1. You know exactly where you stand, exactly where you are going, and how much time you have to get there. 

Everyone stay tuned for some really exciting things coming this way! I love to hear about everyones ambitions. Are you having a revolution in 2015?

All my Love,


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