Wednesday, January 7, 2015

All about that prep

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So I have read about it a dozen times, and seen pictures all over the web about these women and their meal prepping. I always looked at it and thought, "that is just sooooooooooooo much work, ain't NOBODY got time for that". But in truth, it was just another one of my lazy excuses. I mean, I can make lunches the night before for the kids to take to school, and that only takes a few why not do this for breakfast, snacks, and lunches for myself. I spent Sunday evening making sure things were put together, portioned out, and that I had enough options to keep me from slipping and making a huge mistake. Was this time consuming? Kind of. But nothing like the hours and hours I thought it was going to be. In truth I got two mason jar salads, and three snacks, packed up and ready for two days of work in about 30 minutes. That isn't bad at all. It was really nice to, because if I was feeling hungry (or bored) and needed a snack, I had some fresh fruit, or carrots and hummus pre-portioned and ready to go. :) Easy peasy. If you are intimidated by the prepping or feel you don't have the time, I promise you do!! Set aside 1 hour and you could get yourself prepped for an entire week! It is a real accountability factor too. I spent the time and money to get the things and put them together, so why go and spend more money eating (junk) out for lunch or snacks, when it is right there. I felt really proud of myself after getting this done, and would encourage all "busy" and "working" moms to spend the time on yourself so you don't undo your hard work in one sitting! We make time for them; making their breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, so we have to make time for our nutrition as well! 

Want some tips on how to do this? Here are 4 simple steps on one week meal planning:

Step 1: Make one day a Prep and Plan day
Use this day to make up your menus for the week, and go to the store to get extra ingredients if needed. Doing this ahead of time is really the key factor at my house. I also use this time to plan for dinner, and it keeps that annoying question of "Whats for dinner?" at bay. This is the point where you can see what you need vs. how much time you have. For example, if you can afford to get organic chicken, pre-cook it and package it for a week, thats great! If you are like me, I just buy the pre-pulled rotissere chicken and use that for the week, and save the main cooking for dinner time.

Step 2: Cut, chop, and cook
Get all your veggies sliced and diced, eggs boiled, and any cooking you have time to do done next. Depending on your menu for the week, you may not need as much of one thing as you do of the other, but mine is ususally a salad for lunch and some sort of fancy scramble for breakfast so I chop alot of veggies, go through alot of spinach, and alot of eggs. I use a small amount of fruit for breakfast and some for snack during the day. If you make too much, put them in freezer bags for the next week ( or you can prep them a week or two out if you are super hardcore).

Step 3: Containers
The amount of tupperware I have in my house....good lord. We always had a serious surplus so it is finally being put to good use. It is really helpful to have at least 5 sets of several sizes. This makes for better organization, and excellent refridgerator stackability. 

Step 4:
After you have everything ready, pack your containers, and make sure things are easy to reach and ready to go. If you are someone like me, I would start to prep, and then forget it the next morning, or not have silverware when needed so I would find an excuse not to eat it! excuses. Pack it with EVERYTHING you would need, and put it where you will see it and remember it. 

See!! That easy! You just have to do it, and it saves alot of time and stress during the week. I am so glad I took the prepping plunge. So get ready, get set, and prep!!

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