Friday, August 5, 2016

Starting over, yet again: What I have learned from my break from blogging

This happens to everyone. There are times where we are on top of the world. Our ideas are flowing freely and they are being acknowledged and supported by those around you. You look and feel great, and find that all goals you set for yourself are being achieved easily. Your stars are all in alignment. However....for some of us (please tell me its more than just me) we fall from that fluffy cloud nine and find ourselves falling much further than anticipated. Since I last updated this blog, I have experienced many life changes, ups and downs.

Since I last checked in, I lost my job, two grandparents, lost my direction and motivation in more ways than one, gained 20 lbs, got into serious debt and said goodbye to some friends. I set goal after goal, and fell short time after time. But I kept getting back up. I had a BED relapse, (hence the extra poundage) but I have come out on the other side. I found another job that has been fantastic, and I have been given the chance to take a step back and see some of the things that I need and really want in my life. With these things in mind, I am SO ready to get on track, move forward in my life and my journey, and share these ups and downs.

Here is what I have realized:

I cannot depend on the support of others to keep me going. It seems everyone is really on board when you talk about life changes, goals, wants, dreams, etc. But when you actually start gearing up to do this, it seems people abandon you or find things to tell you to discourage your progress. So I am so happy to share with others, and always appreciate the love and support of people....but I will no longer depend on this to keep me going. I will no longer use "I don't really feel supported" as an excuse.

I am my own worst enemy. I had to take a step back and stop blaming others, or the situations around me, for me feeling bad about myself or low. In the past year and a half, I have had days of such crippling depression and anxiety, I could not get myself out of bed. But then I found that when I feel good about myself, and when I build myself up, I feel better. And when I feel better, I treat people better, which in turn, has a direct effect on how they treat me, and the way my day goes. It is a cycle! And before it was a cycle of anger and self hate....that I didn't realize I was the cause of. I have to stop my negative thoughts in their tracks, and make the decision to get out of bed in the morning, and appreciate this beautiful life I have been given.

I need to renew my relationship with God. I have always been a Christian, and follower of Christ...but never in a way that I needed. It is something I have been pushing away, and borderline denying for years. I found that the more I go to church, the more I pray everyday, and the more I let go of my stress and problems and fears and give them to God with the knowledge that there is a plan in place for me, I am a MUCH happier person, and I see things come to fruition in their own time. It is an amazing relationship I am planning on growing and spending more time on.

I cannot keep setting unrealistic time frames for things to happen. Before, I would go so hardcore ball to the wall with my diet and exercise, or a huge life change, that when a week would go by and nothing would happen (besides me being frustrated) I would assume I was worthless, and nothing was going to work, and I would give up. And with all the people I have spoken to, and been inspired by, I have now seen I HAVE to stop focusing on the end result and when it will show up, and instead focus on the journey. Because the journey is beautiful...and anything worth having is going to take work, blood, sweat, tears, pain, falls, and anger. And that is ok.

I do NOT have to have a niche, or an area of expertise to be able to blog. I do not need a specific skill set to put what I want out there. As some of you know, I have tried over the last year or so to create several different blogs for fitness, or fashion, or cooking...etc. Things I really love and have a genuine interest in. It seemed that to be successful, I had to have ONE area of expertise, or ONE thing that my blog or life was about. But who the hecks life is like that? NO ONES! I love to shop and live for fashion. I love to cook and come up with recipes for my family. I am trying to exercise and change my body. But this doesn't mean I have to only ever talk about one thing. My life is multi-dimensional, and I think you can be an "expert" on lots of things. Its my life! And I am an expert on that. So I am not going to feel odd or "all over the place" for posting about food, or an OOTD, or my gym routine that day, or excessive pictures of my dogs...because that is life. And life is multi-dimensional. 

I hope that with these realizations, and my life where it is, I can get back on track with something I love. I sincerely hope that I can put this love out in the world, and help inspire others to move forward towards their goals and hopes and dreams, and realize that we are ALL human, and we are all going to have twists and turns. It's ok. And we ALL have to start over sometimes. 



Sunday, May 24, 2015

Super Stuffed Peppers

I always try to use everything that is in our fridge and pantry. And as most of us know, there comes a time in the week where you look in the fridge and realize you have a lot of half, some, kinda stuff.. like 2 ears of corn when there are four people in the house. Or 1 lb of meat left out of your original 2lbs. So you have to learn to take what you have, and make something fabulous out of it. This is the exact scenario I ran into last evening, and when I opened our veggie drawer and saw all of our peppers, I knew what I had to do....Stuff them!! Here is a super easy recipe for Stuffed Peppers. 

Stuffed Peppers with Mexican Rice
*This recipe is GF and was made with all organic ingredients unless otherwise noted*


6 Organic Sweet Peppers, any color
1 Lb. All natural Ground Beef
1 Organic Poblano Pepper
1 Organic Jalapeño Pepper
2 Ears Organic Corn
1 Handful Organic Cherry Tomatoes
1 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Can Organic Kidney Beans (black beans would be great, we just didn't have any)
1 Can Organic Diced Tomatoes
2 Tbs. Minced Garlic
1/2 Bundle Organic Cilantro
1 Cup Organic Brown Rice (This is enough for 4)

Organic Cumin, Cayenne pepper, Onion Powder, Paprika, & Oregano to taste.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place your ground beef in a skillet of medium heat and let it start to brown. 

While you brown your meat, get those corn kernels sliced off and ready to go. 

Add your corn and garlic to your meat. Add the onion powder, cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper to taste as well. After you let this cook down for another few minutes, get your Poblano & Jalapeño pepper chopped up. Add the tomatoes, and then peppers, and your beans (no juice) and let it all mingle and hang out.

Looks good, yes??

Then get your rice on the stove. 1 Cup rice to 1.5 cups of water, and get it boiling.

When it comes to a boil, cover your rice and turn your heat down to Lo, or Simmer and let it cook for about 25 minutes. Now, get your sweet peppers tops off, ribs out and into a baking dish. Fill the peppers each up with as much of the super stuffing as you can, and get them in the oven. 

After they have cooked in the oven for about 15 minutes, pull them out and top them with cheese, and put them back in for another 10. At this point your rice should be ready. Take the lid off and fluff it with a fork. It's ok if there is a little bit of water left. Add your diced tomatoes, cumin, paprika, and oregano until you get it where you like it. I add a little hot sauce to mine. Let this mix and sit until you are ready to serve.

 Now you are ready to top them both off with cilantro and serve!! 

Alot of these ingredients can be interchanged, and I never measure my spices, as everyones tastes are different. Let me know how you make yours! And if you make any of these share your pictures with me on Facebook, or email me!! 

All my love,



Saturday, May 23, 2015

Getting rid of Gluten

Hello everyone! 

For those who follow me and the All my love, Millie page on Facebook, then you are already aware of this update. For those who don't (but should) keep on reading.

For the last two years or so, my husband has been sick. It was never something you could see if you just looked at him. He has a great smile that reaches all the way up to the corners of his eyes. He is tall with strong arms, and he enjoys working outside. But what you didn't know is that under his great smile, he was fighting serious insomnia, crippling migrane headache, serious stomach distress, and could only work outside for short periods of time because he would get so easily fatigued. Even to this day when I tell people how sick he was, people tend to shrug and go, "Really? can't tell." A nice compliment to Dan, as he is a really strong person. Over the course of two years, he kept telling doctors his symptoms, and they were very quick to perscribe medicine over, and over again; medicine that had horrible side effects and didn't help him sleep, ease his headaches, or make his stomach feel better. January of this year, I don't think I had ever seen him so low. He seemed....defeated. So finally, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He began researching and researching, and talking to other doctors, nurses, and friends. Through this process, he made a discovery, a common thread. It might be a sensitivity to gluten. 

One of my favorite pictures of us from two years ago, right before his symptoms really started.

After presenting this data to his doctor, Dan finally got the inital tests he needed. When the results came back, it was good news and bad news. The good news was that he finally had an answer, and could stop wondering. The bad news was, it was Celiac Disease. For those who aren't familiar with this, Celiac is "An autoimmune disorder that can occur in genetically predisposed people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine." When people eat gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, the body has an autoimmune response, and attacks the small intestine. This keeps the body from absorbing nutrients the way it is supposed to. In this case, Dan has a severe deficiency in sodium, potassium, and chloride, and a very low Iron saturation level, of 11%. The deficiency is so bad, that his doctor has ordered other tests, and scopes to really see the level of damage done; I will update you guys when we get these results back. 

Celiac can rear its ugly head at any point in life, brought on alot of times by stress. Celiac disease can lead to additional serious health problems. These include the development of other autoimmune disorders like Type I diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS), dermatitis herpetiformis, anemia, osteoporosis, infertility and miscarriage, neurological conditions like epilepsy and migraines, short stature, and intestinal cancers. Needless to say, this list of disorders is very disheartening. 

There is no cure for Celiac, but with a lifestyle/diet change, the symptoms can literally go away. However, once you make this change, any exposure to gluten, even coming in contact with some crumbs off of a sandwich can cause a severe intestional reaction. So it is a serious disease, that requires serious change.

For one month now we have made every effot to be come a gluten free (GF) house. At first, Dan was very frustrated. No more bread, no more normal beer, giving up lots of favorite foods. But now, after we have done lots of research, we have found options that still suit cravings and are totally GF. I have started to eat totally GF as well, and let me tell you...the results have been shocking.

In a months time, my husband has changed. Physcially yes, but mostly with his attitude and energy level. I used to find it was diffcult to get him out of bed sometimes; he was not motivated to do much, and was so fatigued by the time he got home from work, he would want to sleep. Now? He is getting up on weekdays and working in the yard....before work. He is generally happier, laughs more, and gets frustrated less. He has a pep in his step, that the kids and I have never seen. It is incredible. The stomach distress is gone. Two weeks in, he literally looked at me and said it was the first time he had had a "normal" time in the bathroom. And when we accidentally came in contact with gluten, he felt the effects almost immediatley. The composition of his body has changed. He used to carry any extra weight in his stomach....and now its just....gone. I can't beleive that he went undiagnosed for so long, and that by changing our diet, it has made such a HUGE impact.

I'm lucky my husband is always up for a good photo op. 

Look at that smile. Great right? The girls are pretty cute too.

Keep in mind this is more than just "eating healthy". Gluten is hiding EVERYWHERE. In things we thought were safe like, a "fresh" jar of salsa, organic tortilla chips, soy sauce, salad dressings, cheese dip, canned "healthy" soups, etc. Some restaurants have french fries with gluten....and some without. Why do they need gluten?! We have to ask for a GF menu everywhere we go now, and do our research before we go out to eat. We have to check every label in the grocery store, and really read menus at places. A pain in the ass currently, but as each day passes, we have found great GF options, and some that we probably won't try again. It is all a learning process. We have found GF flour, GF beer (tastes exactly the same), GF bread, chips, and sauces as well! 

My advice to you as someone who has seen both sides of this disease, and has tried eating GF for a week, and eating something with gluten shortly after; I can tell you firsthand, and truthfully. Gluten is terrible. It's bad, bad, bad. Bad. It is a preservative, a thickener, a substance to bind things together. Something that is not natural, and thus not supposed to be put in our bodies. If I go without it, I feel better. I wake up feeling energetic, not bloated, my skin glows, and I can have a regular BM that day. If I decide I want to eat somethign with gluten? I am sick within an hour, my face has breakouts and weird texture, I am moody and tired. And I get headahces. Just like what my husband dealt with for years.

I am actually looking forward to what the future brings, and being able to expirement with new recipes and new places to eat. (Keep a look out for recipes and restaurant reviews). Mostly, I am excited to see the changes in Dan. I am so pleasantly surprised by the changes in him. I have never seen him happier, or healthier. I am thrilled for him to have the answers he has longed for for years, and to see him finally getting at peace with himself. 

Turns out that age old saying is are what you eat.

All my love, 


Want to learn more about Celiac? 
Read more at

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Health & Beauty Spotlight: January

At one point or another in ones heatlh and fitness journey, they stumble upon a picture of a super thin, super flexible woman in a sunlit studio doing a crazy difficult yoga pose with some "affirmation" as the tagline. It makes one slightly inspired, but also frustrated because you don't feel like that when you are barely able to lift your leg off the floor. Or your husband or kids are making it difficult to get in touch with that inner spiritual self. But I have news for you! It IS achievable, for the everyday woman, and the results can be both rewarding and life changing.

This was the case of Morgan Messick. She discovered more than just a hobby; she discovered a lifestyle. Yoga had been something she had tried before without much success, and was feeling frustrated with where she was in her life.
"I took Yoga for the first time my Freshman year of college. It was a large class, and my teacher used a microphone to instruct. It was not personal or spiritual in any way." This experience was frustrating and led Messick to turn the other way, and continue down the road so many college students travel. "I got lazy and I got unhappy," Messick said. "I was pretty active in high school, but I never ate well, and I brought that along to college with me, and added even more bad habits. I went through a long period where I didn't care at all about what I put in my body, or how it made me feel." In fact, research shows that our food choices directly affect our mood, performace and stress level. According to a 2009 study done of European college students, depressive symptoms and food consumption are directly related, and in female college students studied, frequent consumtption of sweets and fast food and less consumption of fruits and veggies are associated with higher stress levels. When asked what her favorite foods were, Messick responded, "Pizza. I love pizza or chocolate. I try to make it a special treat. But chocolate pizza is gross though." 

Messick before she discovered the power of Yoga

And so the cycle conntinued until her lsat year of college. "I began reading alot of books on health, well-being, and the power of your body. I saw documentaries like Food. Inc., and I took a strong interest in Yoga and Metaphysics. Yoga was being offered for free on Tuesdays and Thursdays [at my school], and I knew the instructor. We had some classes together." This time, the experience was completley different for Messick, and Yoga stuck with her. "It was very intimate, and she was very spiritual in her teachings," she said of her new experience. "I got pretty into it, and decided to learn more about it. My readings lead me to Metaphysics and the realm of spirituality, and I expanded from there."

Practicing Yoga at home

"I've been doing [yoga] ever since then," Messick continues, "but my practice has grown the most in the last two years. It's such a beautiful and fulfilling practice. Everyday you can see how your body changes. You can see yourself grow. You can work towards something for a long time then, when you achieve it, it's unreal. I love it. I blossomed. I never knew how good I could feel and what I could do. It was hard, but it was worth it."

It is safe to say that Yoga is more than just a hobby for Messick, it has truely become a way of life. "Once you accept that you are making a life change everything becomes easier." One of the most interesting parts of this already extrodinary person, is that Messick is just like you and me, and still implements this lifestyle on a daily basis. " It is difficult really. I have a work schedule that is Monday-Friday, 9-5. I have to work in all my other life activities and then find time for myself." The key to this? According to Messick, it is little changes, a great support system, and not beating yourself up for having a normal life. "I go to Yoga classes at the studio when I can, I try to wake up a bit early for Yoga or dog walks to start my morning off. In a perfect world, all of that happens, but a perfect world doesn't happen every week, so some sacrifice is made." And in regards to her support system? "It's so much harder when you're doing it alone. It's dangerous. My husband is very supportive of the exercise I do. I have a few friends that are super motivated for running and other physical activities, and my work Biffy and I are really motivated to eat well during the week. We will go get salad materials every Monday for the week." If this isn't enough to help see that the Yoga way of life can be for every one, maybe her take on all the recent holiday food is. "I eat. Honestly. For me hatI think it is important to have special treats, but all things in moderation. Have a little bit of every favorite dish, and eat it slowly. Savor it. Then when the day is over get it out of your house," she said. As if we weren't enamored with her already, she took it to the next level. "I personally load up food bags and give them to the homeless I pass on a daily basis. It keeps me in line, it feeds someone in need. It makes me feel good." It makes us feel good too.

When it came to beginning her practice of Yoga, Messick noticed a change immediately. "Yoga, breathing and meditation bring a certain awareness; almost a heightened sense of self. I began to notice the subtleties of the inner workings of my person," she said. And it didn't stop there. "The first changes I saw in my body were in the form of strength. I got strong fast! I began trying to do things I would have never believed I could. I think the strength seemed enhanced as well because I was shedding my feelings of 'I can't' along the way. It feels so good to believe in yourself."

Messick is also a self proclaimed "foodie", and when it comes to the latest food fad or diet craze, you won't catch her on board. "I don't believe in diets. You are either changing the way you eat and drink or you're not. There is no middle ground for me. I try to make an assertive decision, and cut or change my diet appropriatley." She also had advice for the everyday woman who struggles with this change. "I would suggest affirming yourself of what you want to do and why. If you are strong in your reasoning, you can get behind it mentally and physically.  I also suggest starting with a few small things that will help you alot. For example, if giving up sodas, and you should, just cold turkey do it. Make that the only thing you give up for awhile, because it can be hard. Once you get to a place where you're done with a bad habit, move on to another. Tackle your goals in stages to help ensure success." This is great advice, as many of us try to jump on board and cut everything out at once. "Make things attainable," Messick agrees, "I know we often want results now, but you it takes time to get there. You have to be patient. If you change too much at once, you'll be more likely to relapse." One way that she specifically does this in her home is to make her own bread and eat whole grains. "I want to cut out high processed carbohydrates because I want to eat food that is more basic and real."

Like so many of us, Messick has her own favorite beauty and Yoga prodcuts that help her feel her best. When asked about the specifics, she had a long list to give. "My absolute favorite brand is Teeki. They are a lovely brand. All their gear is made in the USA using recycled materials. The majority of my yoga clothes are purchased from them. They make the cutest fabrics, they last a long time, and the pants are high waisted, which I love." According to Messick, the right outfit really makes all the difference in her practice. "When I started buying 'Yoga Clothes' instead of random stretchy comfy things I could work out in, my Yoga changed. It breathes better, it's comfortable, it's cute, and its designed specifically for what you are doing." Other brands she said she is a fan of: LuLuLemon, Onzie, Fabletics, Gaiam, Prana, and she is excited to purchase a Manduka Yoga mat. "I hear Manduka Yoga mats are tops. I'll be getting one when my LuLuLemon one gives way." Her favorite beauty products? "LUSH cosmetics has my heart. Anything from there is amazing. I really enjoy anything from their line with roses in it. Turksih delight is phenominal and Eau Roma Water is really refreshing. I also especially love bathbombs from there. I take baths all the time."

Although she admits that the practice of Yoga was tough at the beginning, it was worth the effort in the long run. It certainly is inspiring to see someone not only have a physical transformation, but a mental and spiritual one as well. As many times as I have "done" yoga, I have not "practiced" it, but am now looking forward to doing so! 

These last bits of advice from Messick are words to take home with you. And for those who want to be like Morgan, (girl crush anyone?) check out some links below!!

"Recognize the love and respect your body deserves. You are a goddess, and you must take care of yourself. Don't compare yourself to others, there is no competition. Treat yourself well, and you will be the optimum you that you can be. Love yourself, whether it's curves or straight lines, thick hair or thin, whether you feel too fat or too skinny, you're not. Love's contagious."

Teeki Apparel , LuluLemon YogaLush Bath Bombs

Namaste, and All my love,


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

All about that prep

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So I have read about it a dozen times, and seen pictures all over the web about these women and their meal prepping. I always looked at it and thought, "that is just sooooooooooooo much work, ain't NOBODY got time for that". But in truth, it was just another one of my lazy excuses. I mean, I can make lunches the night before for the kids to take to school, and that only takes a few why not do this for breakfast, snacks, and lunches for myself. I spent Sunday evening making sure things were put together, portioned out, and that I had enough options to keep me from slipping and making a huge mistake. Was this time consuming? Kind of. But nothing like the hours and hours I thought it was going to be. In truth I got two mason jar salads, and three snacks, packed up and ready for two days of work in about 30 minutes. That isn't bad at all. It was really nice to, because if I was feeling hungry (or bored) and needed a snack, I had some fresh fruit, or carrots and hummus pre-portioned and ready to go. :) Easy peasy. If you are intimidated by the prepping or feel you don't have the time, I promise you do!! Set aside 1 hour and you could get yourself prepped for an entire week! It is a real accountability factor too. I spent the time and money to get the things and put them together, so why go and spend more money eating (junk) out for lunch or snacks, when it is right there. I felt really proud of myself after getting this done, and would encourage all "busy" and "working" moms to spend the time on yourself so you don't undo your hard work in one sitting! We make time for them; making their breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, so we have to make time for our nutrition as well! 

Want some tips on how to do this? Here are 4 simple steps on one week meal planning:

Step 1: Make one day a Prep and Plan day
Use this day to make up your menus for the week, and go to the store to get extra ingredients if needed. Doing this ahead of time is really the key factor at my house. I also use this time to plan for dinner, and it keeps that annoying question of "Whats for dinner?" at bay. This is the point where you can see what you need vs. how much time you have. For example, if you can afford to get organic chicken, pre-cook it and package it for a week, thats great! If you are like me, I just buy the pre-pulled rotissere chicken and use that for the week, and save the main cooking for dinner time.

Step 2: Cut, chop, and cook
Get all your veggies sliced and diced, eggs boiled, and any cooking you have time to do done next. Depending on your menu for the week, you may not need as much of one thing as you do of the other, but mine is ususally a salad for lunch and some sort of fancy scramble for breakfast so I chop alot of veggies, go through alot of spinach, and alot of eggs. I use a small amount of fruit for breakfast and some for snack during the day. If you make too much, put them in freezer bags for the next week ( or you can prep them a week or two out if you are super hardcore).

Step 3: Containers
The amount of tupperware I have in my house....good lord. We always had a serious surplus so it is finally being put to good use. It is really helpful to have at least 5 sets of several sizes. This makes for better organization, and excellent refridgerator stackability. 

Step 4:
After you have everything ready, pack your containers, and make sure things are easy to reach and ready to go. If you are someone like me, I would start to prep, and then forget it the next morning, or not have silverware when needed so I would find an excuse not to eat it! excuses. Pack it with EVERYTHING you would need, and put it where you will see it and remember it. 

See!! That easy! You just have to do it, and it saves alot of time and stress during the week. I am so glad I took the prepping plunge. So get ready, get set, and prep!!

All my love,


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Life in Pictures

Little Cooper Jack in his preppy turtle neck, taking a little nap in my lap. He is an olympic napper

Alexis with her Katniss do' at grandmas house.

Strawberry stuffed french toast and bacon. We always have something fancy for Sunday breakfasts

Post gym selfie

Salad in a's what for lunch

Organic and home-made: banana and cinnamon roll protein shake

Jalapeno turkey burgers

What does your life look like each week in pictures! Share with me!

All my love,


Some of you may or may not follow me (or my dogs) on instagram, but here are some pictures I've shared, and taken in hopes of sharing over that past week or so. Let me know what you have been up to!

All my Love,


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cheers to the new year!

We are once again approaching the end of the year. The magical time when all things seem possible. We make our "resolutions", and goals, we pump ourselves up about what the new year will bring, and most of the time, it is the same old same old where we find oursevles in November saying "I can't believe it is almost Christmas again, where did the year go?" Sound familiar?

Well, as beaten as this old horse is, I will always jump on the bandwagon... It's easier than walking right? :)

So here are my hopes and aspirations for 2015, with some news for all my readers.

2015: This is going to be MY year

Financially: My goal is to be free of my frivolous debt by years end. I.e. credit card debt, store debt, canceled memberships that I pay for and no longer use. The only debt for me will be home and car.

Personally: I have books I want to finish, garage sale items to organize and actually get rid of, a room in my house I want to re do. I want to take a vacation with my family, and a romantic getaway with my husband. I have friends I have vowed to reconnect with, and some I have vowed to say goodbye to. (See related post HERE).

Health: This is an obvious and continuous one, but to continue slowly on my path towards a healthier lifestlye, and make a lifestyle change. I always want to compete in some sort of athletic event before thre year 2015 is up, whether a 5k, a bike raace, swimming, or a company softball game. (Big news coming)!!

Career: I love my job, but for 2015 I am wanting to really hone in on a speciality. I am also wanting to expand the blog and my readerbase. (Big news coming later)!!

I feel like I have always set really high, unobtainable goals, and, as so many people do, felt completley discouraged when I fell a little behind. Some people think that it is ridiculous or chilche to set resolutions...but I am here for a REVOLUTION, and EVOLUTION more than RESOLUTIONS. I think it is great to have these because it is the beginning of a new year, and a real chance for some people to have a clean slate. Some people, myself included, really need a good timepost with which to start and set goals, and there isn't a better one I know of than January 1. You know exactly where you stand, exactly where you are going, and how much time you have to get there. 

Everyone stay tuned for some really exciting things coming this way! I love to hear about everyones ambitions. Are you having a revolution in 2015?

All my Love,